Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dear Susan,
 Happy 2013. Trying to think of some resolutions that I might have a chance of keeping.

  • I'm not taking up smoking
  • I'm not going bungy jumping
  • I'm not going to sail single handedly around the world.
Now stuff I AM going to do in 2013. I am going to India with you to fufill two lifelong dreams

  1. To wash my clothes by beating them against rocks in the Ganges and
  2. To lose 30 kilos in three weeks.

Dementia has been on my mind lately and dementia has been on my mind lately, so I'm thinking of doing something to stimulate my......what's its name?
Thought  of several things, joining a gym or a Jim, learning to tap dance, writing only with my left hand or taking up Tai Chi.( I'm moving very slowly lately so I thought that might do the trick.)

The sudden interest in ageing has been prompted by the fact that everyone I know is doing it and by the plethora (2) of mature movies that have zimmered their way onto our movie screens lately.
First "the Best Little Marigold Hotel" and now "Quartet".  Both wonderful films but I don't want to be reminded of a future of hip replacements and pureed food. And who wants to imagine that Shirley Valentine's  stretch marks, once so tenderly kissed by Tom Conte in Greece are now sagging around her knees in a retirement home for musicians. And Miss Jean Brodie is well and truly past her Prime.

So far 2013 has been a hoot although it is only 20 hours old. On NYE I ate and watched Dinner For One, drooled over Hugh Jackman on a talk show and finally watched the Last Night of The Proms. Poms bobbing up and down to the tune of the Sailors Hornpipe waving flags, wearing funny hats, tooting horns and throwing streamers: a Chekoslovakian conducting the united nations BBC orchestra, accompanying a Maltese tenor singing a Spanish song in Italian. Just a thought.

Then today I had such a great day with you and Adrian. Thanks for the swim, lunch, dinner, wine, the game of Dumb Ass and for returning my brandy butter container

This year I think I'm going to say 'yes' to everything instead of saying 'no' just in case I get a better offer.
I've never had one so I might as well just go with the flow. Hope it isn't upstream.
Happy New Year x